Mixed Media, Installation Art & Sculpture – Student Work

We all start somewhere! While attending Ringling, I experimented with sculpture, found objects and installation art. I’d use anything I could get my hands on. And, I’d put them in any building my professors would allow. Enjoy the weird!

The Eleusinian Suite

My Senior Thesis. Installation, sculpture, environment. Jimmy may be an Oak man. I prefer corn husk.

The Path to Grandmother’s House

Crossley Gallery, Sarasota, FL. Installation art, sculpture, environment. Crank down the thermostat, and take a walk!


Aix en Provence, France. They’re everywhere! Installation art in the studio? No. Parasites taking over your world.

Homeward Bound

Keating Gallery, Sarasota, FL.  Physical interpretations of the visuals in my head. When they say home, I think corn. Yes, I was born in Ohio.


My Studio, Sarasota, FL.  These little ladies never made it in prime time, but they are beautiful all the same.


Aix en Provence, France. My studio. My escape. The things created within the place I lived for half a year.


My Studio, Sarasota, FL.  Bronze sculptures. A little bronze town full of little bronze people.