Vibrant Landscapes Series

I utilize man-made materials to construct my relief-style paintings. The application of these materials creates an impression that they have been carved. At the same time, I draw from a curiosity for nature to build a variety of color palettes. I borrow from the beauty found in the grand landscapes of canyons, forests and river valleys. In my latest body of work, you may notice textures that are reminiscent of the tiniest micro-environments such as moss, bark, and crystal.

Rugged Landscapes Series

These pieces have laid the foundation for my current work. Experimentation with materials, color and finish has all led to the style I use today. There’s never a “finish line” for art. I hope that by showing my older work, you can all appreciate my journey!

Figure Paintings

The series, “From Behind,” is a collection of mixed media figure work, inspired by studies of the female back. The use of texture accentuates the figure, finding hidden moments found in the curve of a spine, the implied line of an arm or the illusion of hair blowing in the wind.

Tiny Sculptures “Terramisus”

These little sculptures represent cutaways from the earth. Their layered, bite-size stature reminds me of the delicious dessert, tiramisus. Terra firma means “solid ground.” Hopefully that explains the naming dynamic of this fun little series. Each piece is roughly 3 inches on each side with a burst of foliage shooting out of the top layer. It’s been a while since I played with these, but if anyone is interested in any new work, let me know!

Terramisus Margo Sharp art sculpture

Terramisus Sculpture – “June”